What is Studio Silo?

Tape Machines

Studio Silo is an Analog & Digital Recording Studio currently being built within a 90 m2 space that formerly served as the Ice Storage Silo in this Fish Factory, deep within the East Fjords. Because of it’s former function the space is thoroughly insulated, resulting in an excellent acoustic isolation as well.

The view from Studio

The Studio is situated in the Silo tower on the top floor of the Factory and  has a striking view into the opening of the fjord. We believe that Stöðvarförður is an inspiring place to be and that is one thing that makes Studio Silo a very desirable and magical place to play and record music.

The Studio is designed by Acoustics Engineer and Designer John H. Brandt from Texas, USA. With over 40 years experience designing Studios & Auditoriums worldwide, John has made sure that every aspect of the design meets the highest professional standard. Therefore geometrics, acoustic treatment and ergonomics come together to create a fluent working environment. HERE is an interesting interview with John about his work.
‘Silo will be a cosy environment equipped with a vast array of sonic tools so musicians can shape sounds to their heart’s content. Most of the equipment is vintage with some very rare gems, accompanied by many custom-built and experimental devices which you will not find in any other Studio. We will be one of the few Studios in Iceland which has the ability to record to multitrack magnetic tape with a purely analog signal chain, and possibly the only Studio in the land which focuses very strongly on the fully analog process. With an extensive range of outboard gear, a rather unusual and rare mixing console, and many tape machines, we can bring your music from first take to master tape with no digital whatsoever, providing a truly Analog end-product. On the other hand we will of course offer digital just like any other studio, or an option to have the best of both worlds.