Matthew EMT140 cropped

Here is an ever-growing list of the gear that we have. We are constantly refurbishing relics in the Atomic Analog lab, and once in top form they get added to the list here. If there is something you require for a session that is not on the list just get in touch with us, as we also have a list of vintage equipment that is available to us for rent from all over the country.

This list is not complete yet as we are currently adding to it as we catalogue all the gear…

Manufacturer Model Age Quantity
AKG D12 1960s 2
AKG D25 1960s 1
AKG D112 2000s 2
AKG D130 70s 1
AKG D330 70s 1
Revox (BeyerD.) M3500 silver 70s 2
Revox (BeyerD.) M3500 black 80s 1
EV Co4 2000s 3
EV N/D168 snare 80s 1
EV N/D357 80s 1
EV N/D408A 80s 1
EV RE20 90s 1
Grampian DP4 1960s 1
RCA 88A 1960s 1
Shure SM7B 2000s 1
Shure Beta 56a 2000s 1
Shure SM57 2000s 4
Shure SM58 2000s 4
Sennheiser MDS1(MD409) 1970s 2
Sennheiser MD417 1980s 1
Sennheiser MD420-12 1960s 1
Sennheiser MD421-N 1960s 1
Sennheiser MD421-N 1960s 1
Sennheiser MD421u4 80s & 90s 2
Sennheiser MD441 1984 1
Sennheiser e604 2000s 2
Telefunken MD42 1960s 2
Uher M516 1970s 1
Uher M517 1970s 1
Manufacturer Model Qty
AKG C451 1960s 1
AKG P400 2000s 2
AKG C414B-XLS 2000s 2
AKG C414B-ULS 1980s 1
AKG SE300B 90s 2
AKG CK94 90s 1
Audio Technica AT815R 90s 2
Audio Technica AT871 90s 1
Neumann KM54a 1960s 2
Rode NTK 2000s 1
Rode NT2A 2000s 1
Rode NT5 2000s 2
Sony ECM-50PS 90s 2
Uher M646 90s 1
Manufacturer Model Qty
Coles 4038 2000s 1
Reslo Ribbon RV 1960s 2
Beyer Dynamic  M260  1960s 1
Shure 315 1960s 1
Bumblebee RM6 New 1
Toshiba Type G 1960s 1
RCA 77C1 1948 1
Mic Preamps (we like to call them first amps):
Manufacturer Model Age Qty
Altec 1592 germanium pre & mixer 1960s 1
Aphex 1100 dual tube mic pre 2000s 1
Atomic Analog Mávur (Germanium mic pre) 2018 1
Atomic Analog Neve 1057 clone 2018 1
Atomic Analog Putman’s Bullet (portable tube pre) 2017 1
Atomic Analog Special OP-6 (dual OP-6 clone) 2017 1
Presto 40B single tube mic pre – ancient! 1940s 1
RCA OP-6 portable tube mic pre 1940s 1
RCA OP-7 mixer (modded as a dual pre) 1940s 1
Telefunken V72 universal amp module 1960s 2

Amek Angela 36:24:2 inline Large Format Mixing Console – Built in Salford, UK in 1987

Tape Recorders
Manufacturer Model
Otari MX70-16 – 1” 16-track 1985 1
Otari MX70-8/16 – 1” 8-track 1985 1
Revox PR99 – Stereo 1/4” 1980s 1
Soundcraft 762 – 2” 16-track 1982 1
Otari MTR10 – Stereo 1/4” Master Deck 1984 1
Otari MX5050BIIHD – 2 & 4-track 1/4” 1981 2
MCI – Sony JH110 – Stereo 1/4” Master Deck 1980s 1
Philips 10028 – “the mono monster” 1952 1
Uher Monitor Report 4000 1980s 1
Tascam 44 – Cassette 4-track 1970s 1
Tascam 302 – Dual Cassette Deck 2000s 1
Digital Recorders

Hackintosh (built 2019) running High Sierra, 2TB RAID recording disc array, SSD for OS & apps, Intel Core i5-8400 2.8GHz, 16GB RAM, Running Cubase 10 and Logic Pro X. Pro Tools must be requested when booking a session.

Antelope Orion 32 interface with 32 analog inputs and 32 analog outputs, all available on the console patch bay. Full console mixdown with outboard possible from DAW session.

We also have a number of DAT and ADAT machines, but you don’t wanna mess with them unless you are needing a transfer

Analog Reverb, Echo and Modulation
Manufacturer Model Age Qty
Watkins WEM Solid state Copicat MKIII (tape) 1960s 1
Evans VE-80 Vocal Echo (tape) 1970s 1
Roland Chorus Echo 1980s 1
EMT 140ST – Plate Reverb 1970 1
EMT 140 mono – Plate Reverb 1959 1
Orban 111b – Spring Reverb 1980s 1
Pioneer RC202 – Spring Reverb (“the can”) 1970s 1
Atomic Analog Super Slinky – Tube Spring Reverb 2017 1
Atomic Analog Miss Ray Gun – Tube Phaser 2017 1
Dynamics Processors Age Quantity
DBX 166 comp 1990s 1
Sony MU-L021 1980s 1
Drawmer DS201 1
Drawmer DS404 1
Drawmer DL221 1
Drawmer DL241 1
BSS DPR402 3
Tore Seem BS2000 de-esser-comp-limiter module 1980s 2
Studiomaster Studiofex Rack w/4x stereo noise gates 1980s 1
Atomic Analog Green Mule vari-mu Mastering Comp. 2016 1
Atomic Analog Black Bottle vari-mu mono colour Comp. 2017 1
Atomic Analog Black Bottle Stereo colour Comp. 2018 1
Atomic Analog DLA2A – a dual LA2A clone 2017 1
Atomic Analog BA-6A clone (this one heats the room) 2018 1
Atomic Analog AA7273b – U73b clone plus mic pre in one 2019 1
Digital Multi-Effects Units
Roland DEP-5 1980s 1
Korg A1 1990s 1
Digitech S200 1990s 1
Digitech RDS2000 1980s 1
Ibanez HD1000 1980s 1
Lexicon Reflex 1
TC Electronic M-One 1
Alesis Quadraverb 1980s 1
JBL UREI 7922 Digital Delay Line 1980s 2
Frequency Equalizers
Tore Seem F2000 Quadra-Parametric EQ 1980s 4
UREI 539 Graphic EQ (inductors!) 1980s 1
JBL 5547/5549 Graphic EQ 1990s 3

Monitoring – Control Room

Yamaha NS615 passive nearfields (identical to NS10 bar the tweeter positions not being mirrored), driven by a Quad 405-2 power amp

Large 3-way passive Mains, built in-house and loaded with renowned Seas/Focal drivers, driven by either Yamaha or JBL power amps

Monitoring – Recording Rooms

ART Headphone Amps connected to up to 8 individual sends from the control room

Audio Technica ATM H30X Headphones (x6)

Beovox M100 wall-mounted speakers in Live room

Instrument Amplifers

lists are currently being made… many amps are currently being repaired


lists are currently being made…