17JUNE ROCK the BOAT! Teitur Magnússon & Prins Póló

June 9, 2016.

Posted by Elena.

Rock the Boat poster
Rock the Boat poster

A free concert on 17th June in Breiðdalsvík, on an old boat which sits on the land in the centre of the town. On this day, the National Celebration day of Iceland, two household names shall take to the stage. Neither need much introduction!…

Teitur Magnússon is a beatiful songwriter of effortless melody and verse. Last year he was nominated for the Nordic Music Prize along with Björk. His tracks were always on National Radio after the album’s release, and his songs have become the blissful earworms of all but a few Icelanders! When the time to Rock the Boat comes around, Teitur will be accompanied by his Eastern backing band comprising of Jón Knútur Ásmundsson on drums, Vinny Vamos on Bass, and Dóri Waren on keyboards. You will sing, you will dance, it will be beautiful!…

Prins Póló has gained the status of nothing short of Pop legend over the past years. In 2014 alone he got Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and even made it onto a film soundtrack! The music is Pop but with wonderfully raw and simple edges to it. Lyrically brilliant with a whit that is rarely heard in today’s music releases. He will grace the stage with full band and keep it kicking until the finish. You will dance and dance some more, you will be merry, it will be spectacular!!!!