Laura Marconi

August 14, 2017.

Posted by Jessica Woodrow.

Laura Marconi, July 2017
Laura Marconi, July 2017

Laura Marconi is an artist from Italy, living in Philadelphia in the USA, who stayed with us for the month of July 2017. Laura studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts where she received a classical training, and majored in painting. This strong foundation for Laura’s work has carried through her career as an artist, and she still enjoys to work on basic principles such as life drawing, which she sees as the basis for her creative expression.

Laura Marconi // Life Drawing

Laura has been coming to Iceland for art residencies since 2013, and has built a connection with the landscape which offers a dominant inspiration within the work she creates here. Over these visits, the mountains have shown a strong focus in her work, and whilst sometimes working with techniques of realism, Laura also likes to work beyond what she sees in front of her, and express reflection and transformation of landscape. She uses her creative expression to consider the bigger questions in life, as an exploration of self.

While here at the Fish Factory, Laura has furthered this study into reflection in the landscape, but has transformed the process in two ways; first by closing her work inside a circle, representative of her position as an immigrant, who will always be the ‘onlooker‘ of the scene, without fully being inside it, and also to represent the continuation of the cycle of life.  Laura then rotated her work, and added colour, in order to show that things are not always as they first appear. These acrylic paintings are open to the interpretation of the viewer.

 Laura Marconi // Reflections

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Thank you, Laura!