Jana Charl

June 11, 2018.

Posted by Julia Kukkonen.


Jana Charl // May 2018.

Jana Charl is an artist from Los Angeles, California, who joined us here at the Fish Factory for the month of May 2018. She has just recently moved from Los Angeles to a large ranch in central Oregon and was happy to come to a residency to another rural place and have the time to focus on the creative work without the big city stress and distractions.

Jana uses a variety of different mediums and materials. She makes paintings, installations, and sculptures out of recycled salvaged materials and objects. She has developed a distinct style of representing the female form and is playing joyfully with it. She considers herself as a feminist artist, but in a gentle and cheerful way.

While in the residency Jana made a large installation piece to the attic of the Creative Centre inspired by the stories of forgotten fisherwomen of the late 19th century. She was delighted to find our vast collection of recycled materials and gave them a new life as a part of her installation. Another residency artist, Miriam, in turn, got inspired by Jana’s research on the fisherwomen and composed a song about them to accompany the installation. Both artists were particularly pleased with this fruitful collaboration.

Stories of Forgotten Fisherwomen – installation by Jana Charl, music by Miriam Donohue // May 2018.

Stories of Forgotten Fisherwomen – installation and photographs by Jana Charl // May 2018.


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Thank you, Jana!