Patricia Casey

February 21, 2019.

Posted by Paulina Walas.


Patricia Casey // February 2019

Patricia Casey is a visual artist, based in Sydney, Australia. During her first residency in Fish Factory, Patricia came to stay with us at the peak of Icelandic summer in June 2017. This time, hoping to experience real Icelandic winter, she decided to arrive in the windy and snowy month of February.

Patricia Casey // February 2019

Throughout her both times in the Fish Factory Patricia found the link between walking, thinking and making as an important part of her creative process. Patricia left home in the middle of Australian summer to find herself living and travelling in the rough wintery weather, that she has never experienced before. During her long walks, besides discovering that walking in the icy roads is not the easiest task, she also discovered unbelievable landscapes within the melting ice and the layers of snow and ice on the ground.

Patricia Casey // February 2019

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Thank you, Patricia!