Luowei Liao

March 21, 2019.

Posted by Paulina Walas.


Luowei Liao // March 2019

Luowei Liao is a Chinese visual artist based in Tokyo, Japan. Luowei joined us to admire Iceland waking up from its winter hibernation.

Since Luowei lives in one of the most modern cities on our planet, she found surrounding nature extremely interesting and described being close to nature as the most enjoyable experience. She enjoyed long hikes in the sun, walks by the fiord and looking at how the spring slowly makes its way to Stödvarfjörður.


Luowei Liao // March 2019

During her stay with us Luowei, spent the majority of her time in the ceramics studio, working on her very first ceramic pieces inspired by one of the local legends.


Luowei Liao // March 2019

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Thank you, Luowei!