Alicja Natalia Wacowska

August 31, 2021.

Posted by Monika Plemen.

Alicja Natalia Wacowska // February & March 2021
Alicja Natalia Wacowska // February & March 2021

Alicja Natalia Wacowska (Balance with Alice) is a yoga teacher with certification as RYT200 – Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training Course, Yin Yoga Teacher and Yoga Nidra. She mainly works with her own method which is based on intuitive yoga flow and consciousness movement. She is also a mentor for creative development, with a few years of professional experience working on various cultural projects.

During her six weeks in the artist residency at Fish Factory, she did some yoga sessions for the artists and arranged a workshop called ”Look into your creative power”. She also continued to develop the ~Yoga & Creativity project, which focuses on exploring how yoga and other practices influence the process of creative work. She uses the word “~ yoga” in the means around yoga and other forms of conscious movement, mindfulness, or embodiment practices. The project includes interviews with creatives, workshops, yoga classes, private coaching/mentoring sessions and more of will be enriched by new forms emerging from the research. During her stay, she did interviews with 3 artists which are available to listen here:


Artist statement:

” For two weeks I’ve arranged Balance Studio where artists could come any time during the day to relax, recharge and take some time to connect with their creativity. I prepared the room to fulfill the various needs depending on what feels good at that time, for example, it was possible to practice yoga, dance, stay in silence, write, meditate, drink tea, use some cards or create.

My motivation is to connect yoga and conscious development practices. I have a few years of work experience in different cultural and creative projects where I worked with artists, designers, creatives. My intention is to explore how these two worlds influence each other and what are the possibilities for balancing the creative work process. I would like to open possibilities for creatives to grow, bloom, and flow their potential through the channels of conscious and grounding practices.”

Thank you, Alicja!