Sandra Kruisbrink

June 14, 2022.

Posted by Nika Senica.

IMG_3774 copy
Sandra Kruisbrink // May 2022

Sandra Kruisbrink, a Dutch artist whose work is inspired by nature and specifically trees, spent the month of May with us in Stodvarfjordur. The lack of tree scenery made her explore the East fjord mountains which she encapsulated with her signature style.

“Drawing in my studio, I try to evoke the silence or emptiness I have encountered. My photographs are the key to this experience and are the basis for my drawings. As I work, I filter the photographic images. I use my memory, edit the photo, unclothe the image – sometimes to the extent that it has almost vanished and only a shadow remains. I search for the limits of what can be left out. Almost meditatively, in an endless number of lines, dots and minimal marks, I work my way back to my memories. Silence and inaccessibility thus become the subject.”

Check Sandra´s interview here:

Thank you Sandra!