Yasemin Orhan

June 6, 2022.

Posted by Nika Senica.

Yasemin Orhan // April 2022

Yasemin is a Turkish U.S. based visual artist. During her stay in Iceland in April, she worked on a project involving drawing, painting and written elements.

As I spent more time in the factory surrounded by talented artists who all bring a unique voice to the table, I felt lucky to practice and live amongst them in the enchanting site of Stodvarfjordur. It took a lot of trial and error to settle on what I wanted to do at the studio and how to do it. In the end, I took a more improvisational approach to organize my ideas visually by layering, pushing and pulling elements of the drawings, and ended up with collages and realistic renderings of a variety of images.

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The landscape in the east fjords of Iceland, as many come to find out for themselves is magnificent and ever-changing. I wanted to collect certain moments from the rhythms of nature such as the glow of a full moon, the ripples at a given moment on the sea, and ice as it melts. Drawing helped me understand these scenes intimately, and reconstruct them with additional elements such as symbols, letters, and sceneries that these moments brought to mind.



Yasemin´s interview:

Thank you Yasemin!<3