Pauline May

August 5, 2022.

Posted by Imogen Marsteller.


Profil fish


“It’s about love, it’s always about love…”

Main actor of my work, doctor for myself, creation has always been a therapeutic journey towards the healing of my deepest wounds.

Visual artist by training, I have always had at heart to be at the initiative of all of my artistic pieces, realisings all of my works alone. Mixing at the same time, performance, dance, video art, sound and images.

In this new project, it was about mourning an old relationship through physical exhaustion through dance, thus blurring the tenacity of my feelings from my mind:
1 42

Repetition as a loss of meaning towards oblivion…

However, when I arrived in Iceland, I realised that this mourning was already done but that the wound was perhaps deeper than estimated.

The project then took on a new dimension, it’s no longer about him but about me.

Far from myself for a long time, it was time for me to reclaim this body so manhandled, mistreated so hated for so many years.

The gaze of others as a weapon of destruction. Instagram killed me. The rescue project was born.

Tainted by my recurring disillusions, my escape to Iceland then proved inevitable as an imminent need to focus again on the beauty of the world.


To sublimate oneself in contact with the sublime itself.

Beneficial solitude, healing trance, improvisations choreographed by the beating of my heart, survival blanket as a caress on my internal lesions.

Find the light where the sun no longer sets…

Thank you Pauline for July it was wonderful to have you.

Check out her work on her instagram @ooojokaooo and on her website