Dameon Lester

September 2, 2017.

Posted by Jessica Woodrow.

Dameon Lester // August, 2017
Dameon Lester // August, 2017

Dameon is an artist and sculptor from Austin, Texas, who’s forms are based around minimalism, modernist design, and color field painting. He joined us here at the Fish Factory during August 2017. Of recent, Dameon’s works have been responsive to glacial melt, and the effects of global warming. He began this study, taking inspiration from existing imagery of changing landscapes, but has more recently been visiting significant locations, such as Alaska, for personal observation and documentation.

Here at the Fish Factory, Dameon started with a model from a public art piece that he had been working on before coming to Iceland, and from this, reconstructed and abstracted the work, using his sculpture as a basis for experimentation, using various mediums.

Dameon Lester // Glacier Sculpture

Dameon Lester // Glacier Sculpture

Dameon’s glacial series presents the primary shape in it’s most basic form, reducing the structure to a pattern or template, which is reminiscent of it’s glacial focus, but is not acutely recognisable; this, serving as a reminder of the consistent effect of global warming, and it’s repercussions in the natural environment.

Dameon Lester // Glacial Series

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Thank you, Dameon!