Amy Lawrence

September 1, 2017.

Posted by Jessica Woodrow.

Amy Lawrence // August, 2017
Amy Lawrence // August, 2017

Amy is a performance artist from Cornwall, England, who joined us for the month of August in 2017. Here she worked through various mediums, creating drawings, costumes, instruments, sound and video records, as a means to further develop her performance character, ‘The Worm’. 

Amy, as a gardener, has been long inspired by worms, and their position in the process of the sustaining the land, creating fertile soil for the foundation of growth. She has also been interested in the social connotation of the worm, as  a small, insignificant, and low creature. Alternatively to this, worms in mythology, such as the Lambton worm are depicted as fearsome dragon-like creatures. The Worm, as a performance character is a combination of these perspectives, as the most insignificant, and the most powerful of beings, all at once.

Amy Lawrence // The Worm

At the factory, Amy’s works have all been related to the the microcosm of the character, further developing the universe in which they exist. With pieces, such as a sun hat for the gardener, made from materials and flowers, found here and around the fjord; and self-made wooden instruments, adding authenticity and primitive feel to both the costume and sound recordings. A new experimentation within the project has involved videoing The Worm carrying out every-day activities, such as reading a sewing.

Amy Lawrence // The Worm

Leaving the factory, Amy has taken The Worm on a hitch-hiking tour back to Reykjavik, where the character has been out in the Icelandic landscape, before returning to Cornwall!

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Thank you, Amy!