Pauliina Waris

June 17, 2019.

Posted by Paulina Walas.

Pauliina Waris// June 2019

Pauliina Waris is a Finnish visual artist and educator, based in Helsinki. Pauliina stayed at Fish Factory in the sunny month of June 2019. Pauliina arrived in Stöðvarfjörður searching for a quiet and calm place, where she could let her thoughts wander and develop new ideas for her artistic practice. Searching for new ideas, Pauliina did not make a precise plan of work beforehand, she wanted to absorb the peaceful surroundings and see where that will lead her to. During her stay at Fish Factory, Pauliina got intrigued by the peacefulness of the town, that sometimes transforms into emptiness. That led her to try to define the word empty in different contexts.


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Thank you, Pauliina!