Hyesug Park

August 9, 2019.

Posted by Assi Piironen.

Hyesug Park// July 2019

Hyesug Park is a Korean artist and ceramist living in Germany. She spent the month of July here with us in the Fish Factory artist residency. From first sight Hyesung was fascinated by the mountains she saw on our website, and she decided to come to Iceland. Her curiosity towards nature and mountains was so honest, it was beautiful to look at. Her respect for the mountains was real. She crystallized the meaning of her visit in one sentence: I´m here to be here.

Hyesug created multiple artworks while her residency time. As a material, she was using clay, wood, paint, graphic, pen and paper. Hyesug also made a few installations. She was getting inspired during her walks in the harbour by the vibrant colours and colour combinations. By focusing on the moment, she could find inspiration to make art and experiment with new things again.

//More of Hyesug´s work//


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Thank you, Hyesug!