Multi Art Group

August 20, 2021.

Posted by Vid Levar.

Multi Art Group - April 2021
Multi Art Group – April 2021

Members of this international collective come from various creative fields; fine arts, dance, performance, music, sound engineering, and audiovisual communication. The collective does not yet have a name. During their stay at the Centre, the group focused on creating a new performance piece juxtaposing different elements from each of their professional fields.

“We used the opportunity at the residency to knit together a team to explore sound and movement. Experimenting with acoustic instruments, microphones, synthesizers, samples, and field recordings, we found ways to produce soundscapes and melodies based on trust and affection.”

Two members of the group, Otho and Erna Gunnarsdóttir are a part of the Icelandic Dance Company and the residency stay of the group was a collaboration between the Creative Centre and the Icelandic Dance Company. The performance piece the group developed during the residency stay was later on performed in the Reykjavik City Theather, the home of the Icelandic Dance Company.

Otho (fine arts)

Erna Gunnarsdóttir (dance/performance)

Felix Urbina Alejandre (dance/performance)

Maurizio Vuolo (music/sound engineering)

Carlo Vittorio María (music)

Claudia Izaguirre (audiovisual communication)

Thank you, guys! :)