Nina Schipoff

August 13, 2021.

Posted by Monika Plemen.

Nina Schipoff // June 2021
Nina Schipoff // June 2021

Nina Schipoff is a German interdisciplinary artist, living and working in Geneva, Switzerland. She graduated from the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD) in 2008 and obtained a postgraduate diploma in painting from the Gevena School of Stage Set Design in 2009. Nina articulates her art around the concepts of space, time, movement, and light with a specific focus on the interactions between humans and nature in the accelerating world. She questions the invisible and visible traces of the interaction between man and landscape and their ecological and geopolitical impact on the world.

At the very beginning of her stay in Fish Factory, Nina spent a lot of her time outdoors getting to know her new home. This motivated her to realize a series of photos titles the ”Untold Stories”. She also enjoyed exploring and integrating sculpture as a new medium into her work practice. This finally lead to the installation ”in the land of magic volcanos and golden waterfalls”, completing her photographic narration.

Once her curiosity had been responded to and her mind has settled a bit, she realized her main project, the development of motivational hypnosis for a sustainable future in a safer world. Nina, who is also a trained hypnotist, found a lot of inspiration on her discovery trips through Icelandic nature as well as in scientific environmental research.

Thanks Nina! :)

More of her work can be found here: