Patricia Huguesm

October 12, 2022.

Posted by Kimi Tayler.

Patricia Huguesm is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Mexico City. Her practice is mainly focused on fashion and textile projects but during her time at the Fish Factory took an exciting detour into ceramics.

You can find more of Patricia’s work on her Instagram.

Paty copy

“I had a lot of little ideas for my time in Fish Factory but my main goal was to distance myself from the everyday tasks I encounter as a graphic designer. I wanted to create without judgement or a deadline.


I was looking for a welcoming space where I could work with like-minded people. I ended up letting myself be guided by the opportunities the studios (and Una) provided. I had always wanted to have a go with ceramics and enjoyed every minute I spent trying to make my illustrations come alive in a different way than animation or textiles enable.


I spent my mornings up in the mountains picking berries and my afternoons at the Factory. Time flew by and I will definitely try to come back to this little gem of a place.”


Thank you Patricia, it was wonderful having you and we’d love to see you back in our ceramic studio any time! See you again!