Josie Jones

November 11, 2022.

Posted by Kimi Tayler.

Josie is a visual artist based in Dundee, Scotland, her practice explores perceptions of memory and place. Through intentional improvisation she creates atmospheric dreamscapes that shift between photography and painting, evoking feelings of familiarity within the abstract.


You can see more of Josie’s work on her Instagram.

bothy project 4

I’ve loved my 2 month stay here at the fish factory. I came looking for a new environment to explore and it did not disappoint! The Factory’s atmosphere gave me an ideal place to have some perspective on my practice and think about my future as an emerging artist.


I’ve spent my time playing with materials walking in the hills and learning new things from my fellow artists. I’ve worked a lot more in the landscape here then I was expecting, using cyanotypes as a way of mapping my walks around the fjord, creating a sort of light diary through many small cyanotypes.


I found the Factory to be a great place to reconnect with old passions and to experiment without judgement, I’ve really loved using ceramics again as well as learning how to make watercolour paint… something I will definitely use within my practice moving forward. My stay here will no doubt be infused within my practice for years to come. Until next time!

Thanks Josie- it’s been a pleasure having you on the residency. We’re excited to see where life takes you and your practice next and look forward to welcoming you back in the future!