Suzanne Yeremyan

June 28, 2023.

Posted by Vid Levar.

Suzanne Yeremyan is a visual artist with a focus in experimental mixed-media abstraction.


During her attendance in the month of March, Suzanne spent the days outdoors and in the landscape, taking advantage of the fleeting window of daylight. Walking, searching, and observing is a crucial part of her process. Upon evening, she would then enter the studio and work into the late night. Suzanne opted to attend during the peak of Icelandic winter, as the harsh weather and unforgiving landscape observed in isolation immensely informs her work.

She aims to represent often overlooked visual subjects found in the natural world. Inspired by organic patterns, textures, and movement, her pieces are what she calls “homages” and result in something along the lines of abstract portraiture or detail studies.


Utilizing self-made solvents, washes, and pigments, her process often involves combining reactive elements and results in textures that have been described as caustic, and striking in detail.

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Thanks, Suzanne! :)