Uncertain Studio

June 20, 2023.

Posted by Vid Levar.

IMG_9213Uncertain Studio is made up of Taiwanese artists Tao Chiang and Yen-Ting Tseng (a.k.a. Kappa). Coming from a theatre design background, they combine Tseng’s experiments in object theatre with Chiang’s ambient and aleatoric soundscapes to create spatial works that act as both performance and installation pieces. In their earlier collaborations, dramatic characters are replaced by daily objects to create mini-scale technical theatre with low-tech aesthetics, constructing portraits and narratives of human experience through the poetic utilization of objects and sounds which are, in themselves, lifeless.


In more recent years, they have been questioning the nature of performing arts, looking into the performative aspects of board games, workshops, and tourism to find new ways to discuss real world issues in a creative setting.

While at the Fish Factory, Tao experimented with sounds in our concert hall, ending his exploration with a performance and show-and-tell at the end of June. He gathered sounds and voices during the month and combined them into one long, wonderful, and relaxing soundscape.



Kappa researched the history of East Iceland and its industrial advances. She sees similarities between the islands of Taiwan and Iceland. She has created a map of East Iceland, its villages, population, etc., and provided an interesting overview of the area in a different light.

Check more of their work on their website: https://uncertainstudio.blogspot.com/

Thanks, Tao & Kappa! :)



Their stay was sponsored by National Culture and Arts Foundation (Taiwan) and Department of Cultural Affairs Taipei City Government.