Ólöf Rún Benediktsdóttir

May 10, 2024.

Posted by Kris Madejski.

Meet Ólöf Benediktsdóttir, a vibrant and visionary force in the Icelandic creative scene. Based in Reykjavík, Ólöf has cultivated a dynamic career that spans the realms of visual arts, music, and poetry. A graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Icelandic Art Academy, her journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of artistic evolution and expression.


As a multidisciplinary artist, Ólöf engages with a variety of visual mediums, exploring profound themes such as the interplay between nature, science, and the human experience. Her artworks often reflect a deep connection with the natural world, mirroring the complexity of human emotions and the environment.

In the music sphere, Ólöf is known both as a solo artist and as a key member of the experimental band Svartþoka. In her music she weaves a dreamy and electric soundscape together with finely crafted lyrics inspired by folklore.

Beyond her personal creative endeavors, Ólöf is a committed organizer within Iceland’s grassroots arts scene. She has played a role in organizing events like the Norðanpaunk festival and has been an active participant in initiatives like Stelpur Rokka/Læti, which empower and celebrate female artists.

Ólöf Benediktsdóttir is not just an artist but a catalyst for cultural enrichment, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in art and community engagement. Her contributions not only enrich Iceland’s artistic landscape but also inspire a new generation of creators.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/olofbenedikts/