The Ceramic workshop (43 m²) is fully established and running. There are two pottery wheels and a low-temperature firing kiln (1020 °C). We stock earth clay and glazes here at the Fish Factory for the Artists to purchase. In case you want to know more about the facilities and possibilities of the ceramic workshop, contact Rósa.

Our stock & prices:

-K112, 10 kg block, White Earth Clay from Cerama, biscuit firing temperature 960 °C. Price: 3500 ISK

-C1310, a Clear Gloss Glace from Cerama, firing temperature 1020 C°. Price is estimated according to use.

-We have a variety of Amaco underglazes. Price is estimated according to use.

-The price for a shelve in the kiln is 1000 ISK for each firing, biscuit and glaze.

Other ceramic products from Cerama can be ordered from Glit in Reykjavík and shipped in 2 – 4 days to Stöðvarfjörður (granted the product is in stock). Here you can see the variety of products from Cerama in their Catalouge.