Tracking Room






Studio Silo is built within an 90 sq.m space at the corner of the Centre on the top floor. The space once served as the Ice Storage Silo when the building was a working Fish Factory, hence where they got the name for the studio. The space is constructed as a “room within a room” with very thick insulation all around, to prevent the ice from melting. This provided the perfect space in which to build a Recording Studio as it was already well soundproofed.

Work started in April 2014, clearing out the remainder of the heavy Ice Machinery and making the space ready for construction of the Studio. In order to fund the project, we made a Karolina Crowdfunding campaign which got us the starting funds. Since then countless individuals and companies have shown their generosity by contributing to the project. After many weeks of planning with John H. Brandt, the drawings were complete and building material sourced. Construction started in September 2014 and finished in April 2019. It was a long journey of much learning and perseverance!

You can also see the building process on video from the very beginning here, here, here, here, here & here ..:) We also have a facebook site for the studio showing the building process in pictures and posts.

Silo Studio-Drawing