The Residency is multi-disciplinary and open for most creative directions: Visual Art, New Media, Printmaking, Ceramic, Sculpture, Dance, Performing Arts, Land Art, Textile Art, Music, Literature, Crafts, Sustainable Design, Engineering & Photography.

The program aims to support both emerging and established artists, creatives, designers, and forward-thinkers by providing a space for unrestrained expression and the opportunity for engagement within a close-knit creative community. This self-directed space functions as both a residency and a retreat, encouraging participants to explore and develop their artistic pursuits free from external pressures. We provide the time and environment for artists to focus deeply on their practices on their own terms. With no obligation to produce specific outcomes for the wider community, participants are free to embark on a personal and introspective journey of development.

We offer a shared studio space (95 m2) for eight artists. The Centre is equipped with wood & metal workshops, a ceramic workshop, a printmaking workshop, a kitchen, and a Concert hall. Workshop access excludes Studio Silo, which can be booked for an additional fee. See more information about workshops and facilities HERE.

Having said all of that, if an artist is interested in leading a workshop, exhibiting their works, holding a concert, or performing or reading poetry, we are open to most ideas.

For 2024 and 2025 please visit Application & Prices

It is worth mentioning that a dog, Tumi, is ”at work” here in the Centre Centre most days and he follows the Team Members around. Tumi is a very human-friendly dog and spreads love and joy. He is not a guest in the Artist Studios unless he is invited by artists.

We speak: English & Icelandic