Matthew EMT140 cropped

Below is a summarized list of the gear that we have for musicians, accessible for both the Studio and the Concert Hall. On top of this we have a huge collection of microphones, outboard gear, and tape machines. Nearly all of which is vintage and has been restored in-house. Our 36-channel Amek Angela mixing console is fully functional and our tape machines and DAW are always connected and ready to record. We have two wonderful EMT plate reverbs, a nice collection of instruments, and tons of custom-built gear that only exists here.

If you would like to see the extensive list of all sound equipment then you can download the PDF here:

Studio Silo Sound Equipment

We are constantly refurbishing relics in the Atomic Analog lab, and once in top form they get added to the list. If there is something you require for a session that is not on the list just get in touch with us, as there is vintage equipment that is available to us for rent from all over the country.

Converters & DAW

Antelope Orion 32 interface with 32 analog inputs and 32 analog outputs, all available on the console patch bay. Full console mixdown with outboard possible from DAW session. Apple DAW running Logic X and Pro Tools.

Monitoring – Control Room

Yamaha NS10 passive nearfields & Genelec 1037A mains, flush mounted.

Monitoring – Recording Rooms

ART Headphone Amps connected to up to 8 individual sends from the control room

Audio Technica ATM H30X Headphones