Gabrielle Tam

November 1, 2017.

Posted by Jessica Woodrow.

Gabrielle Tam // September - October 2017
Gabrielle Tam // September – October 2017

Gabrielle Tam A.K.A. ‘Onion Peterman’ is an illustrator and print maker from Hong Kong, who has exhibited in solo and group shows in Hong Kong & Korea, and joined us here at the Fish Factory for the month of October, 2017.

Gabrielle’s works are predominantly presented through screen printing & zine publishing, inspired by observations of the city, and surroundings.

Screen Prints // Onion Peterman, 2016

The boundaries of Gabrielle’s practice were expanded during residency in Stöðvarfjörður, as the Factory’s print making facilities are currently equipped for lino and wood block mediums. Experimentation with lino cutting translated well into the work style and texture. Creating beautiful representations of light, and significant features within the fjord. Each print became one of 5 editions, and the Factory, is now the lucky home to 3/5, of each print!

Lino Prints // Onion Peterman, 2017

Returning to Hong Kong, Gabrielle will take a work in progress, influenced by the masses of tourists standing in a circle around Iceland’s famous ‘Geysir’. After drawing the front and back of this crowd, the image will be further developed into a 3 metre, large scale screen print.

Geysir Print // Onion Peterman, 2017

Geysir Print // Onion Peterman, 2017

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