Robert John Paterson

December 1, 2017.

Posted by Jessica Woodrow.

Robert John Paterson // November, 2017
Robert John Paterson // November, 2017

Robert John is a freelance illustrator and designer from Toronto who joined us here at the Fish Factory for the month of November, 2017. His work could be described as retro minimalism, and often finds itself in the combination of unlikely elements; incorporating bright colours and simple illustration to form a complex outcome.

More recently, it had become apparent that physical location didn’t play a huge role in ability or access to work, and so Iceland has been the second stop on a working trip around Europe. This time, giving room to experiment, to draw inspiration from experiences, and to meet other artists.

Previous Works // Robert John Paterson

With screen printing as his favoured medium, the factory provided an interesting setting, currently equipped for linoleum and wood block printing. This fed through into inspiration for an animated video project that Robert had been working on a month prior; the addition of hand printed elements, giving an authentic and crafted feel to the practice.

Animation Stills // Robert John Paterson, 2017

//More of Robert John’s Work//

Thank you, Robert John!