Lotta Cronander Lindh

April 29, 2019.

Posted by Paulina Walas.

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Lotta Cronander Lindh // March, April 2019

Lotta Cronander Lindh is a Swedish visual artist. She stayed with us at the beginning of Icelandic spring in March and April 2019.

During her stay with us, Lotta spent a lot of her time walking, hiking, taking cold dips in the ocean and enjoying the beauty of Stöðvarfjörður´s surroundings, appreciating the amazing nature and all the weather changes, even strong wind and rain did not stop her positivity. She worked on several projects documenting her thoughts and expressions through different media – photography, poetry, drawing and painting.

Lotta Cronander Lindh // March, April 2019

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Thank you, Lotta!