Karolinafund for Studio Silo

July 15, 2014.

Posted by Una Sigurðardóttir.

In June 2014 The Creative Centre launched a 30 day crowdfunding campaign via Karolinafund! Due to an amazing group of people the crowdfunding was a success and the building of Studio Silo can happen! Thank you all :D

We also made a introduction video about Studio Silo

“Straight from the coastline the mountains rise tall, drawing a rock and roll ring in the sky surrounding the small village of Stöðvarfjörður. On the harbour a once abandoned Fish Factory stands, which after many years of hard work is now the Creative Centre of Stöðvafjörður, The “Here” Creative Centre. “Here” is a self sutstainable, non-profit organisation where many disciplines meet, such as arts, craft, food and music. The Centre recently opened up a residency program for visiting artists, so come on over! 

Stöðvarfjörður, like many other small fishing villages has suffered population decline due to unemployment and lack of opportunities. The aim of the project is to reverse this decline by offering creative solutions and displaying an alternative option to revive a small community. Established in 2011 the progress of this project has been remarkable to say the least, with many workshops and projects now in operation. But there are still more to come! One of these being a facility for musical creativity… 

We seek assistance from you to fund Studio Silo; the building of a professional Recording Studio in “Here”. The studio will take up a 90 sq.m space which formerly served as the Ice Storage Silo for the Factory.  It is very well insulated from the rest of the factory so one can sing their heart out without a sound slipping in or out… well, except on a cd or tape of course! :-)  

We are currently in the last steps of removing all the heavy ice-making machinery, and once this is done the building can commence. We plan to transform this cold  “ice  box” into a cosy and inspiring space, with a stunning view into the Fjord. The space will be divided into 4 sections; a large live room, a control room housing recording equipment and Engineer,  a vocal booth and a multi purpose isolation room.  

The studio will offer the uncommon opportunity to record fully with analog equipment and onto magnetic tape. We also aim to be able to do cassette duplication straight from Master tape. Our aim is to provide the opportunity for musicians to complete the creative process fully, from the striking of the first chord to a finalised end product, including the design and printing of artwork and packaging using both old and new methods.  

Musicians can also team up with other creative people and receive assistance in other endeavours such as printing on T-shirts, posters and the making of music videos. This goes hand-in-hand with the ethos of the Centre; the ability to complete a process by alternative and creative methods, the exchange of knowledge and collaboration. 

In the Centre there is a music hall which musicians can use for concerts, rehearsals and many other fun things. And if one needs to cool off between those intense vocal takes there are also other facilities such as a kitchen and a hang out area,…or a wood workshop if that’s your cup of tea.  

Part of the ideolegy of the Creative Center is to reuse waste material and that for sure we do. We need the funding for buying propper building materials to erect walls and sound-proofing, and the purchase of recording equipment. We are wholeheartly greatfull for your assistance and we look forward to welcoming you to Studio SILO in “Here”, where many wonderful musical works shall be put to record! …. Is music not after all the oil of love:) 

You can follow our progress on Facebook at the “Studio Silo” page and you can also visit www.inhere.is to get an overview of the Centre and what is happening…If you want to contact us in person about the project please do so. Our contact info are found in our profiles here on the page:)”