Amy Caterina

March 17, 2017.

Posted by Nisa Nur Sayan.

Amy Caterina, January 2017

Amy Caterina is an American artist who stayed with us for one month in January 2017. She was working on the Pinhole & Polaroid Photography and Sewing  during in her residency in the Fish Factory – Creative Centre.

Photo by Amy Caterina, January 2017

Amy is interested in exploring issues such as topography, reclamation, personal interactions, and domestic happenings. Direct and indirect, the real and artificial, and the cause and the effect of human and environmental interaction. She uses a variety of media to address these polarities. Her installation and public artwork continue her working method of interconnectivity. Amy was interested in the small community of the Factory and worked on series of portraits of her fellow Residency Artist and the staff of the Centre.

She was also fascinated the powerful landscape and how the variation in weather influenced the light and atmosphere. Amy experimented with Pinhole & Polaroid photos in the attempt to capture and represent her experience.

Later on she got her hands on a sewing machine for the first time and it opened up a new field for her. She started to experiment with sewing on fabric and paper as an alternative approach to drawing the surrounding landscape.

Artwork by Amy Caterina, January 2017
Artwork by Amy Caterina, January 2017

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Thank You Amy!