Laura Casassas

January 30, 2019.

Posted by Irmak Dönmez.


Laura Casassas // January 2019

Laura Casassas is a design researcher and educator from Barcelona. She joined us for the snowy month of January.

During her stay with us, Laura worked on writing and revisiting her master thesis Using is caring (about), in which she questions the field of critical design and its relation with the possibility of subverting the uses of everyday objects.


Laura Casassas // January 2019

Inspired by the windy weather she could not help on building a kite. She rediscovered drawing and spent plenty of time working on ceramics. Laura enjoyed her time in Stöðvarfjörður taking long walks, admiring Icelandic fauna and jumping on the yellow buoy around the factory studios.


Laura Casassas // January 2019

Thank you, Laura!