Taylor Raye Erickson

September 10, 2019.

Posted by Assi Piironen.


Taylor Erickson // August 2019
Taylor Raye Erickson // August 2019

Taylor Raye Erickson is a visual artist from America, living in Pittsburg. She spent the month of August here at the Fish Factory artist residency. During her residency time, Taylor made a collection of small works mainly using acrylic paint on Yupo-paper. In her works, she explored dreams and memories. Taylors art searches our environment, and how it affects us and contrariwise. In her artwork, she tries to capture the feeling of the space, more than the technical elements of the space. Borders are a bit blurry but always connected. Icelandic landscapes had their own influence on Taylor. She experienced that the sceneries in East-fjords were dramatic with the constantly changing weather, so it actually felted like a dream.

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Thank you, Taylor!