Dario Zeo

November 14, 2019.

Posted by Assi Piironen.

Dario Zeo // November 2019

Dario Zeo is an artist from Switzerland. He stayed at Fish Factory for one month in November 2019. Dario came to Iceland in order to expose himself and his work to an unknown situation. Mainly working in the field of conceptual and language-based art, he concentrates on the process of doing art, which he sees as one single action, constantly shifting, overwriting its rules and including new inputs. A dynamic and process-oriented approach is important for him while working with text as material, simply because text reflects context. Dario understands artistic writing as a re-production in the sense of re-composing and re-contextualizing material. He tries to avoid the production of precious – based on exclusivity and authenticity – art by prioritizing conceptual gesture over product. In Stöðvarfjörður Dario started a new project which includes transferring text snippets from an essay by typewriter.

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