Elle DioGuardi

February 10, 2020.

Posted by Mary Buckland.

Elle DioGuardi // January 2020

Elle DioGuardi is a visual artist living and working in Boston, MA, USA. She graduated with a BFA from the New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University in 2015. Since then, she has continued her studio practice, showing her work around Boston, Cambridge, and New York, and working as a professional photographer, photo archivist, and studio assistant.

Elle’s goal as an artist is to connect with viewers on an emotional level, by providing a lens through which they can examine their own world. She achieves this by creating works that physically confront the viewer, usually with their own reflection, combined with a text phrase. These works vary from intimate mirror pieces where the reflective surface is etched away by hand, to small sticker installations, to installation pieces made of mylar that confront the viewer on a much larger scale.

During her time at Fish Factory Creative Center, Elle set out to create more of these large-scale installation pieces. She used the beginning of her time at the Fish Factory to work on the content of her text phrases and to hike around the area in search of installation locations. The incredible landscape of Stöðvarfjörður lends itself especially well as a backdrop for installation work, and the collaborative nature of the residency was a privilege to be a part of. On more than one occasion, other artists in the residency assisted Elle in her installation and documentation of work. Elle also worked with fellow resident Paul Belenky on a collaborative sculpture made from found objects in the factory.

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