Blaze Christopher

November 19, 2021.

Posted by Monika Plemen.

Blaze Christopher // September & October 2021
Blaze Christopher // September & October 2021

Blaze Christopher is a multidisciplinary artist and poet based in London, UK. Her work revolves around challenging the confines of empathy and how play can be utilised to understand one another more. She believes radical empathy can change the way the art world communicates with itself and the world outside of it.

During her stay at the fish factory Blaze worked on creating an hour-long audio segment of poetry that was aired on Montez Press Radio called ‘Cartoonish Feelings’. Her poetry discussed vulnerability, religiosity, death, love, and philosophy through the lens of personal experience. Alongside working on writing, Blaze explored dying fabric with natural elements and making soft sculpture and wearable pieces from the fabric with the integration of ceramic elements. Between working through all these mediums, Blaze’s stay culminated in a playful body of work that neatly binds, painting, sculpture, and ceramics into one fluid body. She will continue to develop this body of work back in London.

Check out her Radio show:

Thank you, Blaze! :)