Jo Chapman

November 15, 2021.

Posted by Monika Plemen.

Jo Chapman // November 2021
Jo Chapman // November 2021

Jo is a visual artist based in Suffolk, UK, she primarily works within the public realm on large scale commissions for external and internal sites. Jo has undertaken various major projects in the UK, as well as in France, India and Ireland. Alongside her public work she also makes experimental drawings and materials-based works which continue to inform and inspire her commissions. She has lectured on foundation and degree level courses and is an arts educator facilitating workshops for galleries and community art projects.

Jo came to the Fish Factory to spend time in nature and to be passive, to be completely open to what may come out, looking for the right images in the surroundings and not restricting that process with words. Taking time out from her professional practise and the demands of working on large scale commissions she responded to the environment, allowing things to flow, mistakes to happen and shifts to occur. The quiet, cold and dark of this special place enhancing this period of focus.

Walking daily in the hills she made drawings as a way to absorb the landscape focusing on the details of rocks, ice and lichen. These images fed into further work back in the studio where she made some small ceramic sculptures as well as larger drawings and collages. Jo will develop the work from her time at the fish factory into a new series of small sculptures back in her UK studio.

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