Jody Servon

June 20, 2022.

Posted by Nika Senica.

Jody Servon // May 2022

Jody Servon is an artist, activist, educator and curator. Her work has ranged from multimedia installations to public participatory projects with personal experiences always serving as the catalyst. At the Fish Factory, she worked on multiple projects, giving herself space and time to inhabit being an artist.

drops in process

“My work often focuses on sharing people’s lived experiences, histories and memories through participatory projects. Having long stretches of time dedicated to my creative practice in Stöðvarfjörður was a luxury for me after two years of intense parenting and working during a pandemic. Being at Fish Factory enabled me to focus intently on a forthcoming collaborative book project, create a 3D sketch of an installation, continue my efforts advocating for gender equity, and begin a new series of drawings. I accomplished much more than I imagined possible and even had the prime minister take part in my project My Time is Valuable! At the end of my stay, I feel refreshed from walks in the magical landscape, spending time with fellow artists and residency staff from around the world, and doing what I wanted to when I wanted to.”

See Jody´s interview here:

Thank you Jody!