Liza Isakov

August 23, 2022.

Posted by Imogen Marsteller.

Liza Isakov is an artist and art educator based in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Isakov is an emerging artist creating works on paper, her practice draws inspiration from everyday objects and observations.

Iceland house 1

Icelandic Beach copy (1)

Isakov’s practice begins with documenting simple moments from everyday life, later simplified into basic shapes and colours. She explores and responds to the relationship between colours, shapes and sensitive lines, mostly based on abstract forms and observational subject matters.

IMG_9DFFF7643A60-2 IMG_9DFFF7643A60-14

During her time in the Fish Factory Art Residency, Isakov have been exploring her own relationship to nature and how to create a sense of freshness and new beginnings in her work while capturing the joy of being in a new environment.

Find Liza’s works on her website and Instagram.


Thank you Liza it has been an absolute pleasure having you here with us.

We will miss your sunshine like personality and your smile.

Until the next time :-)

IMG_9DFFF7643A60-4 IMG_9DFFF7643A60-1 Double Flower 2