Amy Engelhardt

March 9, 2023.

Posted by Kimi Tayler.

Amy Engelhardt is a composer/lyricist/playwright from the United States who spent the month of February 2023 at the Fish Factory. Her residency concentrated on two theatre projects as well as being instrumental in our February open house concert and contributing to a strong community spirit within the programme.

You can see more from Amy on her website.


IMPACT, a multimedia solo show with music, will premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in summer 2023. The script was revised and cello parts were written here. A COLLECTIBLE SENSATION, a collaboration with American playwright Arianna Rose is a theatrical musical about the barrier-breaking Cone sisters – the first female art collectors in the early 20th century – and their relationship with Gertrude Stein. It explores the roles of women in art, as art and as independent members of society. Amy wrote a large chunk of the score here.

IMPACTlogo2023 amy impact

I’m a huge Icelandophile, so spending a month in the Eastfjords was like living a dream. Being part of a multi-disciplinary cohort of artists is beyond inspirational. Our collective commitment to our individual arts creates an energy – a synergy – and almost immediate camaraderie. From the intense time “in the zone” to the gusty downpours outside, morning coffee looking at the ever-changing sky, the connections forged over tea and terrible snacks to seeing and hearing the work created here, this time was a gift in many, many ways. Tak fyrir.”

Amy Engelhardt, accompanied by Pascal Colman
Amy Engelhardt, accompanied by Pascal Colman

Thank you Amy for your boundless spirit and energy during your months stay. We are excited to follow your adventures to Edinburgh and beyond! Takk og bless!