Lorka Scher

June 8, 2023.

Posted by Vid Levar.

Lorka Scher is a multi-instrumental loop artist, harpist & songwriter based in Portland, Oregon. Her songs have been described as intimate, medicinal and haunting. Drawing from her family’s experience as post-war Soviet refugees, she explores themes of belonging, cultural memory, and ancestral healing in her work.

Lorka Scher // April 2023
Lorka Scher // April 2023

Performing as a one woman “echo orchestra” Lorka blends breath, wordless melody, harp, cello and poetry into her songs. Through live looping, she is able to build delicate nuance and emotive detail into her work, which echoes the complexity and paradox of healing.

Lorka teamed up with Studio Silo during her residency, immersing herself in the production of a new album. She used her time to develop her skills as a producer, exploring new techniques, tools and methods while mixing part of her upcoming album. Lorka also reviewed historical footage and audio that has been part of her family’s immigration story. She began the process of archiving content that she will later combine into visual art to accompany the music.

Lorka is so grateful for the time spent in focused dedication. Big thank you to Vinny, Una and Kimmy for making it possible.

To follow along on production work, and hear Lorka’s music, please visit her online.

Instagram: @titlewillcome

Web: www.TheSpaceBetweenBreaths.com

Youtube : Lorka & The Echo Orchestra

Vimeo: Lorka & The Echo Orchestra

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