Jane Beguchaya

February 6, 2024.

Posted by Vid Levar.

Jane Beguchaya, a Russian/Tatar artist, stayed in Fish Factory in September 2023.

She reflects on her residency experience, saying, “If I’ll say that it was a special experience, it would be not enough. To be honest, it is not easy to find the words. Month already gone since the day I came back home but I still feel I am not here fully. Probably I will never be fully here anymore.”

Jane’s initial goal during her residency was her “alphabet project.” However, her time here led her to explore ceramics, photography, and installations, making it hard to define her work within traditional boundaries. She states, “I want to do everything, and I don’t wanna stop.”

Jane is soon to release a zine featuring her alphabet project, and she has ambitious plans for a large artist’s book on this topic next year.

Jane Beguchaya’s residency experience has left an indelible mark, expanding her creative horizons and solidifying her position as a versatile and boundary-pushing artist.

You can follow Jane on her instagram

Thank you Jane!