Open Studio April

April 12, 2024.

Posted by Kris Madejski.

Our residency space is designed to be self-directed, providing artists with the freedom and environment to delve into their creative pursuits without external pressures. We offer the time and space for artists to focus on their practice on their own terms, without the obligation to produce specific outcomes for the wider community. This approach allows participants to embark on a personal and introspective developmental journey.

In line with this philosophy, we facilitate Open Studio events that are entirely artist-led. Last Wednesday, we hosted an Open Studio where artists shared their creative processes. The frequency and occurrence of these Open Studios vary; sometimes they happen weekly, other times just once at the end of a residency, and occasionally, they might not occur at all. The decision is left to the artists in residence, reflecting the self-directed nature of our program. We act merely as facilitators, supporting the current group of artists in whatever way they choose. This flexibility ensures that each artist’s unique needs and creative rhythms are respected and nurtured.