Annie Chen

May 17, 2024.

Posted by Kris Madejski.

Annie is a designer, illustrator, and climate researcher based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

IMG_1508-2 copy
Drawing from her background in design, biology, and behavioral decision sciences, she is interested in the tensions and synergies between human systems and the natural world. Her artistic practice investigates the likely possibility that true sustainable, systemic climate action may be a philosophical shift before it is a practical one. How must our relationship with ecosystems change if we are to persist on Earth? How might storytelling help us cultivate more harmonious ways of being and knowing in the natural world?

During her time at Fish Factory, she spent a lot of time thinking about all things fish: wandering the fjords, eating all types of fish in the factory kitchen, and illustrating the final spreads for her debut children’s picture book, Salmon Run, which follows the life cycle and magical journey of a Coho Salmon from the rivers of Washington to the Pacific Ocean.

Fish Factory, the lovely community of residents, and the otherworldly landscape of the fjords was a nourishing, transformative environment for my creative practice. Thank you fish factory :)