Lydia Carter

May 15, 2024.

Posted by Kris Madejski.

Lydia Carter is a multimedia artist and folk craftsperson based in the UK.Lydia Carter is a multimedia artist and folk craftsperson based in the UK.


During her two months at the Fish Factory, she produced a body of work to reflect Icelandic traditional craft and the natural pigments of the fjord. Lydia’s practice engages in collection and slow process, relying on the resources of the local environment, such as rock, clay, seaweed, and bone.

‘My work aims to connect with layers of time within the landscape, and the role of craft in both industry and survival. I’m interested in the way that an unruly environment informs a culture. I have spent a lot of time walking the heathland in different conditions, trying to become familiar with its demands, and the challenges faced by past generations.


My work here has drawn on a wide range of new skills; historic knitting, scrimshaw, wood carving, and fish gutting. Amongst this, the residency has also opened up the space to experiment with photography, ceramics, and poetry. The experience has been transformative, and it has given me the time to really delve into new mediums. I am so thankful for the space provided by the Fish Factory, and all the inspiring people I have met in these two months.’