Eva Spierenburg

June 26, 2024.

Posted by Kris Madejski.

Eva Spierenburg (the Netherlands) is a visual artist working with installation, painting, drawing, sculpture, video, performance, and everything in between. Her practice describes the correlation between our inner processes, and our physical body interacting with the world. With her work she aims to find a form for the human experiences that escape grip and language.

IMG_2364- (1)
“During my residency at Fish Factory, I spent the days walking, staring at the clouds swirling around the mountains, filming and drawing. I was planning to focus my drawings on the analogy between body and landscape. The Icelandic landscape turned out to be so overwhelmingly present, that the notion of the dissolving body emerged from my drawings. I also imagined the earth itself as a body; breathing, leaking, digesting, moving in a different time than ours. Ridges turned into spines. Thick soft moss covering solid stones, like flesh covers our bones.
I found myself having much more patience and focus on detail than in my studio at home, ecountering possible new subjects and ways of working. I really had an amazing time in Stöðvarfjörður, gaining lots of energy, inspiration and new things to explore from the residency. Thank you!”