Silvia Buol

June 21, 2024.

Posted by Kris Madejski.

The swiss artist Silvia Buol studied Visual Arts at Basel School of Art and Design (MA 1980), Movement Theatre in Rome and Zürich (Diploma 1984), and Contemporary Dance with Richard Haisma in San Francisco. She works as a visual and performing artist and is also a freelance in cultural projects and a founding member of ”die nomadisierenden veranstalter”. Her approach in drawing, painting, photography and performance is strongly physical and references movement in time and space.

In Stödvarfjördur she engaged with the sea, the shore and the tides. In landart-like manifestations she increased the visibility of the movements of the sea, she focused on stones, seaweed and found materials. She used installations, drawings, paintings, photography and a performance on the old pier to record her experiences of the specific landscape and its inherent movements.

In her visual art she integrates her movement skills that originate in her performance work. Exhibitions, Art Projects and Performances Silvia Buol has participated in exhibitions and art projects in galleries and art spaces, at festivals and in public spaces at various locations, in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Scotland, and Iceland. Her last large project „Hidden Traces“ took place on the Berninapass in the Swiss Alps during the summer of 2023 with 3 installations and 2 performances in the landscape around Lago Bianco, in the frame of Vias d’Art, „Rethink Destinations“ by Cultura Pontresina.

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