The goal and purpose of the Creative Center’s activities are to promote regional development in Stöðvarfjörður and the district as a whole. The emphasis is on enhancing the quality of life for residents and improving the level of services in the area by boosting access to culture, education, and innovation platforms.

The activities aim to:

  • Ensure children and youth in East Iceland have access to diverse arts education in their local area.
  • Provide residents of East Iceland with access to a variety of high-quality music and art events locally.
  • Guarantee the presence of international artists and musicians in the area, ensure that international cultural flows enliven the district, and give residents opportunities to connect with artists and musicians from all over the world.
  • Ensure residents of East Iceland have access to professional services and facilities for all kinds of creation and practice in the fields of art and design locally.
  • Develop a platform with a special focus on job creation in the creative industries, services, and related small industries, as well as on job creation resulting from the utilization and processing of raw materials and resources of East Iceland.
  • Strengthen and develop the region’s identity as a forward-thinking cultural and innovation community.