The Super Slinky

March 2, 2017.

Posted by Una Sigurðardóttir.

The Super Slinky
The Super Slinky,
The Super Slinky, a Stereo Tube Reverberator

The Super Slinky A massive Stereo Spring Reverb unit with a massive sound. Fully discrete Class-A signal path, powered only by vacuum tubes and JFET transistors. Overdrive it into sweet harmonic tube distortion and make it howl with innovative Feedback and Cross-Feed controls. Adding that analog tube warmth and lucious spring reverb to your tracks is super easy in one box. Highest quality springs that don’t sound so springy!

  • Two Type-9 Accutronics Reverb tanks give luscious, thick reverberation through a total of 12 springs
  • Long decay time of over 4 seconds, with the option to connect different tanks to channel B at the rear
  • Transformerless Pentode Driver stages giving flatter frequency response than conventional low impedance systems found in most reverbs
  • Switchable Low-Cut filter on drive stage cutting at 200Hz or 600Hz, or off allowing all frequencies in
  • Large VU Meter displaying drive strength and calibrated to indicate tube clipping in the red zone
  • Low noise discrete reverb recovery using a hand-selected JFET followed by a 12AX7 triode amplifier
  • Innovative Feedback control which allows slow feedback of the reverb signal, and self-oscillation
  • Cross-feed switch gives bigger depth to a stereo source, putting the wet signals to opposite sides
  • Bass & Treble cut controls, defeatable when Treble is turned fully CCW
  • Transformer-balanced 600 ohm inputs and outputs on XLR connectors
  • 3U standard 19 inch rack case, 350mm deep with removable mesh cover
  • Laser-cut red plexiglass panel with white and gold painted engravings

Please contact Vinny regarding the latest pricing and customised options for this product.

The Super Slinky