Miss Ray Gun

March 2, 2017.

Posted by Vinny Wood.


Miss Ray Gun

Miss Ray Gun and her Multi-Tap Phase Modulator!

Get that awesome swooping phased drum sound, a crazy panning guitar solo, or even a fast watery vibrato on a vocal. This rack-mount Phaser is like no other with a warm tube character and and a large range of sound-bending possibilities. It’s possible to overdrive it, and it outputs in stereo. The comb filtering and panning effects are stunning and the self-oscillating territory is super fun! You will be pushed to find anything similar on the market today.

  • All-tube Class A signal path with noiseless transformer-based phase modulation
  • Input level and Output trim allowing overdrive if desired
  • Each of three phasing stages can be mixed and panned to the stereo output
  • Clean signal can also be mixed in and inverted if desired
  • The Feedback control allows for resonant phasing, ring modulation, and even self-oscillation
  • Triangle & Square Wave Internal LFO (0.5-15Hz) and External C.V. input on rear panel
  • In EXT mode the phase can be manually swept with the Intensity control when no CV jack is inserted
  • Phase can be manually swept with Intensity control when no C.V. jack is inserted
  • Magic Eye Indicator Tubes for input signal level and modulation rate
  • Tubes used are three 12AU7 twin triodes and two EM84 Magic Eye Indicators
  • Input and outputs are +4dBu unbalanced jacks
  • Transformer-balanced Input and Outputs available on request
  • 2U standard 19 inch rack case, 250mm deep
  • Laser-cut translucent blue plexiglass panel with switchable backlight (FOH/live use) and white and red painted engravings

Please contact Vinny regarding the latest pricing and customised options for this product.

Miss Ray Gun - straight